BEKİR SAY logistics

just in time for 10 years

Our Story

Bekir Say, which started its service sector as a boutique family company in 2010, has been meeting your logistics needs for 10 years with its brand,
which has become institutionalized over time.
JTI, the Japanese production model, also forms the motto of our brand. It delivers your delivery to its place just on time with the highest quality, lowest cost and shortest flow time. Bekir Say, which is the equivalent of this model in the production sector in the service sector, attaches importance to the total quality model in all areas of its services.Total quality means “happy customer” for us. Our company structure and happy customers, which have become institutionalized over the years, encourage us to increase our investments in the sector every day.
Bekir Say Logistics provides ground transportation services with vehicles equipped with the most up-to-date technologies used in the world, efficient in every respect, environmentally sensitive with 24/7 24 hour traceability via satellite, which can travel non-stop within the framework of the legal process.



Would you like to have more time?

Bekir Say is a unique assistant who meets your logistics needs on your behalf.
It progresses with a boutique service approach and offers original solutions to projects based on this.
As happy customers, you are; you only schedule your own delivery, you do not wait for other deliveries to transport your cargo.
Thanks to the vehicle tracking system that can be monitored 24/7 via satellite, you can follow the journey by sipping your tea.
We know that the flexibility in our service quality will always find the right transport personnel for you,
and you will continue to work with peace of mind.

Our Mission

Bekir Say logistics is about delivering as many deliveries as you want to your place just in time for you.
Therefore, when you come here, the smallness or multiplicity of your cargo does not matter.
The important thing is how and where to be just in time. For multiple loads and if the distance is long, multi-model transportation is recommended.
For multi-model transportation, just like in the Just In time (JTI) system, it gives you the service you need without creating inventory costs.
Thus, without depending on a single investment, you reach a happy ending by evaluating various multi-model vehicles.
Because, the most affordable price and service quality transportation vehicles come together for your cargo Decoupling.